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Constructor Theory is a new approach to formulating fundamental laws in physics. This research is taking place Oxford University, supported by the Templeton World Charity Foundation. The project examines constructor theory and its implications. The researchers are David Deutsch, Chiara Marletto, and collaborators in Oxford Physics, Wolfson College, ISI Turin and CQT Singapore.

Image: Babbage’s Analytical Engine was a Universal Classical Computer. The question of whether a Universal Constructor can exist is of great interest in Constructor Theory.

Oxford physicist David Deutsch is a Fellow of the Royal Society who was the leading figure in the creation of the quantum theory of computation. This studies the most general information processing tasks possible in nature, superseding Turing’s theory. It has grown into the field of quantum information science, involving research groups worldwide including 120 researchers in Oxford alone. David began to investigate the prospects for a rigorous physical theory of what physical processes can, and cannot, occur in nature, producing the first paper on Constructor Theory in 2012. Chiara Marletto is a quantum physicist, who became interested in Constructor Theory in 2011, focusing initially on its applications to quantum information and theoretical biology. With support of the Templeton World Charity Foundation she has been working full time on Constructor Theory since 2013, as a postdoctoral researcher. David and Chiara’s joint work on the foundations of information theory has produced the Constructor Theory of Information.  Chiara has led research on Constructory Theory of Life, Constructor Theory of Probability, and Constructor Theory of Thermodynamics.